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Treatments For Gout In Orange County

Treatments For Gout In Orange County-2A kind of arthritis, gout causes sudden attacks characterized by pain, swelling, and stiffness in a foot joint – usually the big toe. The attacks frequently occur at night and can last for days. Eventually, these gout attacks will permanently harm tendons, joints, and other tissues. Dr. Matt Ahmadi of Orange County Foot & Ankle specializes in treatments for gout in Orange County that can include home remedies, lifestyle changes, medications, and more.

What causes gout?

Too much uric acid in your blood is the case of gout, although not everyone who has too much uric acid will get gout. For those that do experience gout, the uric acid has formed hard crystals in the joints.

You are more likely to get gout if you:

  • are overweight
  • drink alcohol frequently
  • take certain medications, like diuretics
  • eat a diet high in chemicals called purines (found in some meat and fish)
Treatments-for-Gout-in-Orange-County  How can I manage gout at home?

Although Dr. Matt Ahmadi provides expert medical treatments for gout in Orange County, there are some things you can do at home to make your condition more bearable, in addition to the treatment recommended by your foot doctor.The American Dietetic Association recommends drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding alcohol during a gout attack, as well as eating plenty of healthy protein.

You can also rest your feet and elevate the painful joints until the attack goes away, and for about a day afterward. Using ice to reduce swelling can also be helpful. You can ask your doctor about the use of over the counter anti-inflammatory medication as well.

How can I change my lifestyle to better prevent gout flare-ups?

Treatments for gout in Orange County can include receiving advice about things you can change at home in order to prevent flare-ups from happening. It’s a good idea to keep track of the things that make flare-ups more likely and then avoid them whenever possible. Different patients have different triggers, but you might notice that yours are certain foods, beverages, or medications.

Try drinking water regularly in order to make your uric acid levels normal, and avoid foods that are high in purines, which can increase the amount of uric acid in your blood. Foods high in purines include organ meats (liver), seafood, alcohol, and drinks sweetened with fructose.

You should seek medical care if your flare-up is accompanied by a fever and the chills or if your symptoms do not subside after a couple of days. You should also talk to Dr. Matt Ahmadi if you think you are experiencing a gout flare-up but never have before. Some conditions can mimic a gout flare-up.