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    treatment for ingrown toe nail

    • Dr. Ahmadi
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    Do You Need Treatment For Ingrown Toenail?

    treatment for in grown toenailsAn ingrown toenail is the result of a nail growing into the skin that surrounds it. This often occurs at either edge of the big toe. Ingrown toe nails may be caused by improper trimming, inherited toenail deformities, injuries, fungal infections, or pressure.  Most of us have had an in grown toenail at one time or another and most of the time it’s just a nuisance we bear and wait for it to correct itself. After awhile though, ingrown toenails can become really painful and require treatment.

    Usually, we can do this using an at home treatment recommended by a podiatrist or health provider; however, ingrown toenail treatment isn’t always that simple. Sometimes it requires a more in depth process. One of the services Dr. Ahmadi offers at “Orange County Foot and Ankle” is treatment for ingrown toenail.


    Ingrown nails may cause pain at the tip of the toe ora ll the way to the base of the toe. The pain is often worse while walking. An ingrown nail may also lead to infection inflammation, or a more serious condition. If it’s infected, you might see pus or redness.v


    If the nail isn’t infected, your podiatrist may trim the corner of it to help relieve your symptoms. He or she may need to remove one side of your nail back to the cuticle. The base of the nail is then treated with a chemical to keep the ingrown part from growing back. Severe infections or ingrowin nails may require antibiotics and temporary or permanent removal of a portion of the nail. To prevent pain, a local anesthetic may be used in these procedures. This treatment is usually done at your podiatrist’s office.

    Ingrown toenail treatment options may include:

    • Soaking your foot in warm, soapy water several times a day
    • Avoiding shoes and socks that are too tight
    • Antibiotics if the in grown toenail is infected
    • Surgical removal in some cases

    If  You’re Looking For A Place To Treat Your In Grown Toenail, Dr. Matt Ahmadi Can Help.

    Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Foot Doctor in OC

    Dr. Matt Ahmadi

    The best way to prepare for your consultation is to be ready to answer questions. Dr. Ahmadi, the leading podiatrist in Orange County,  will ask you a variety of questions to make sure you’re getting the right kind of ingrown toenail treatment. He will also educate you along the way.  Dr. Ahmadi is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.