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RevitaDERM 40 Keratolytic Emollient

40% Urea Cream

Urea Cream

RevitaDERM® 40 Keratolytic Emollient, 4 FL oz  $65

RevitaDERM 40 Keratolytic Emollient

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4 Oz. Revita DERM 40 Physician Formula, RevitaDerm 40% Urea cream

About the Product:
Revitaderm 40 is a special formulation for extremely dry skin. It can also be used as an anti-aging product to help slow down the skin aging process. This product is great for extreme dry skin which includes diabetic skin conditions and dry, cracked heels. The formula is water-free in order to provide hydrating benefits for more than 6 hours. It uses special active ingredients that were carefully selected for their softening and hydrating effects.
  • Utilizes Urea (40%) to soften the hardened skin that causes calluses and fissures
  • Infused with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Tea Tree Oil for their emollient properties in order to retain moisture for hours
  • Free pumice stone and brush included to assist in effective, clean callus removal
  • Contains: 40% Urea, Aloe Vera P2000 (Whole Leaf Aloe Concentrate), Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Physician Formula Allows Product To Hydrate For Over 6 Hours Pumice Stone Included 4oz Container
  • RevitaDERM 40 is a complete callus-care solution, formulated to remove thick, callused areas while rehydrating skin to a healthy appearance. RevitaDERM with 40% Urea is recommended for use by diabetics when under the supervision of a physician.
  • 40% Urea Aloe Vera P2000 (Whole Leaf Aloe Concentrate) Tea Tree Oil Chamomile

How Does it Work?

Revitaderm 40 uses a combination of powerful hydrating ingredients. It is formulated to provide hydration for more than 6 hours after application. The product contains nourishing ingredients as well in order to keep the skin soft, smooth and healthy. It hydrates the skin intensively to address issues related to dryness and cracking. The formula also uses a special active ingredient for removing calluses in just a several days of use. It is clinically proven to address dryness issues using a combination of natural active ingredients that do not irritate the skin.


Revitaderm 40 Active Ingredients

  • 40% Urea – It is a natural component of the tissues of the skin making up around 7% of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. It is a powerful hydrating agent that provides fast relief to dry skin. It absorbs water and works to improve the barrier function of the skin thus its powerful moisturizing effects on the skin. The high concentration enables it to treat extreme dryness issues including cracked skin and calluses.
  • Aloe Vera P2000 – This is a special Aloe Vera extract that has powerful nourishing, soothing and hydrating effects on the skin. It helps soften and smoothen the skin while also working to address various skin issues. Aloe Vera is one of the most common ingredients in skin care formulations because of its many benefits.
  • Tea Tree Oil – This is a soothing ingredient that also works to moisturize the skin and address various skin issues.
  • Coconut Oil – It is a potent nourishing and hydrating ingredient that helps treat various skin problems.
  • Matricaria – This is a special extract from German Chamomile which has soothing and nourishing properties that help in making the skin smoother and softer.
  • Cocoa Butter – It is a well-known natural moisturizing ingredient. It has been used in traditional medicine to keep the skin moisturized and minimize stretch marks along with other skin issues.


Revitaderm 40 Advantages

  • Revitaderm 40 contains powerful moisturizing ingredients that are natural
  • It is proven to provide lasting hydration
  • The formula can even be used to address calluses
  • It has been available for a long time
  • The product is from a reputable company that specializes in dermatological formulations
  • There are many good reviews saying it is a great moisturizing product

UPC: 881310810028

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