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PRP Injection Therapy in Orange County

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) It has been used to treat tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone injuries, as well as arthritis. Around the foot and ankle PRP is used for the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon and ankle ligament injuries. PRP injection therapy in Orange County, for foot and ankle is relatively new procedures but have proven to be an effective procedure for many patients suffering from foot and ankle injuries and/or pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma: Can It Have An Impact For Tendinosis And Plantar Fasciosis?
PRP is promoted as an ideal autologous biological blood-derived product, which can be exogenously applied to various tissues where it releases high concentrations of platelet derived growth factors that enhance wound healing, bone healing and also tendon healing. In addition, PRP possesses antimicrobial properties that may contribute to the prevention of infections. When platelets become activated, growth factors are released and initiate the body’s natural healing response.

How Much PRP Injections Cost?

This is a very common question that most patients ask their doctors.  In the State of California, a PRP injection if performed by a certified Doctor or Podiatrist could cost anywhere from $800 to $1400 depending on the type of PRP and severity of the injury.  Communities are becoming flooded with technicians and doctors who are not orthopedic surgeons- offering “PRP” at lower prices. However, the PRP you might buy at a cheaper price from a non-surgeon may not be of the same quality or as effective as PRP treatments provided by a qualified orthopedic surgeon.

PRP Injection Cost in Orange County California
To learn more about PRP treatment, watch the following video:

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Avoid Expensive Surgeries, Try PRP Therapy instead

Don’t pay too much for PRP treatment. Dr. Ahmadi charges only $495 for any foot and ankle PRP treatment.

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