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    Preventing Heel Pains

    • Dr. Ahmadi
    • Comments Off on Preventing Heel Pains

    Preventing Heel Pains

    6 Ways You Never Thought Could Help

    Are you suffering from sever heel pain? It’s almost that time of the year where we buy and send gifts across to loved ones and friends. Or perhaps you have already purchased the gifts and just waiting to wrap them up in festive gift wrap. Either way, ensure you get yourself a nice gift this festive season!

    Not sure what to get for yourself? Well, picking up a gift offered by a friend, or loved one is not a risk you would want to run, so you need to ensure this gift is not something one can purchase online or in a store and it’s a plus of it’s unique too – the gift of a pain-free heels – a gift that is always the right size.

    Now, it’s virtually almost impossible to totally avert any medical problem – such as those accountable for heel pains – from happening. But there are simple measures you could take to lower the chances of experiencing heel pains. Some of the simple but best ways include but not limited to:

    • Maintaining a healthy body weight: Speaking of decisions, shedding some weight is a popular one. Managing and reducing your weight helps take pressure off your heels – your heels must be really hardworking.
    • Stretch your body every day: Stretching the connective tissues such as the Achilles tendon, calf muscle, and plantar fascia and other muscles in the body takes 10 or 15 minutes to do. These tissues and muscles are commonly responsible for hell-pains.
    • Embrace new workout programs: Won’t be long now until everyone starts embarking on their new year’s resolutions. A New Year gift you could keep in stock for yourself is embracing new fitness activities such as running or another fitness program. You need not to rush things; start with activities that require less duration and low intensity. You may want to ramp up the intensity and duration of the activity but only do that when your body is accustomed to the new workout. You can consider contacting us to for detailed guide and help.
    • Rest: Maybe you’re pushing yourself too hard. It’s time to stop and get some rest. Take, for example, if you have been running all through the week, you may consider giving it a break and perhaps mix the days with some less vigorous activities such as Yoga, swimming, cycling, or even walking.
    • Wearing proper footwear: About to engage in any activity? Or preparing to go out? Then wearing an appropriate footwear that fits into your legs properly will be of really great help in reducing or even preventing heel pains. Stick to models that feature robust arch support, solid heel counters, and adequate cushioning under the heel.
    • Orthotics: if you have orthotics, wear them. Custom orthotics as great for preventing and treating medical problems – Much more like glasses – they actually work only if you use them.

    In the event your precautionary efforts are successful—and it’s quite impossible to eliminate all injury risk—come to see us for certified expert care. The good news is that we may be able to treat the problem with adequate conservative care.

    If you would like extra information on heel pain prevention, take a moment to contact us.