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Pediatric Podiatrist in Orange County

Pediatric Podiatrist in Orange CountyA pediatric podiatrist in Orange County, Dr. Matt Ahmadi of Orange County Foot & Ankle Center sees children in addition to adults. As your child’s feet grow and develop, you want to make sure that everything is progressing normally. If there are any issues, it is best to have a podiatrist who possesses experience working with children who can help you and your child. Although some potential foot issues can correct themselves as your child continues to grow and don’t require any treatment, Dr. Matt Ahmadi can help you determine which issues need more attention.

It is not uncommon for children to experience a number of foot issues, including:

  • Flat feet – Babies are born with flat feet and develop arches throughout early childhood, but some have flat feet that last longer than they should.
  • Pigeon toes – Walking pigeon-toed is characterized by walking with the feet turned inward. This is normal for the first two years or so of life.
  • Toe walking – If your toddler starts walking on his toes rather than using his whole foot, it should correct itself after some practice. If it persists or is only an issue on one leg, further treatment might be required.

How Do I Know If My Child Has Foot Problems?

Signs of foot problems depend greatly on the type of issue that your child is experiencing. For some conditions or abnormalities that develop in the womb, the problem will be obvious at birth or shortly after with your child’s regular pediatrician.

Other problems, like flat feet and toe walking, can make parents concerned but eventually fix themselves after some time. If your child has a foot or ankle condition that seems to be growing worse or more severe rather than improving over time, you should bring it up with his doctor.

Even if your child does have an issue that needs attention, it doesn’t necessarily mean that extensive treatment is necessary. Dr. Matt Ahmadi, an experienced pediatric podiatrist in Orange County, can help you determine what your child needs to have healthy feet and ankles.

How Are Children Foot Problems Treated?

The treatment that your child needs depends on many factors, including the condition, your child’s age, and your child’s general health. Some conditions, like flat feet that haven’t resolved themselves in early childhood, can be remedied with special shoes or custom foot orthotics (prescription shoe inserts that are tailored to your child’s feet and walking mechanics). Other problems, like toeing in, can be helped by teaching your child to sit in a different position during play or other activities. In other cases, splints or night braces might be recommended in order to correct issues. It’s very rare to resort to surgical procedures to correct foot problems in children, especially because their feet are still growing and developing. Dr. Matt Ahmadi is a knowledgeable pediatric podiatrist in Orange County and will be able to recommend the best treatment method for your child.

What Else Does Our Center Do?

Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Foot Doctor in OC

Pediatric Podiatrist, Dr. Ahmadi

In addition to serving as a pediatric podiatrist in Orange County by diagnosing and treating childhood foot issues, Dr. Matt Ahmadi also helps adults with a wide range of foot issues. Patients visit Orange County Foot and Ankle for conditions such as hammer toe, flat feet, diabetic neuropathy, ganglions, bunions, and more, in addition to treatment for corns, calluses, cracks, fissures, and warts. Dr. Matt Ahmadi also sees patients for the treatment of sports injuries and general foot and ankle pain to restore movement and help patients return to normal activities.


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