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Painless Bunion Surgery Mission Viejo

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Painless Bunion Surgery Mission Viejo

Are you looking for painless bunion surgery in Mission Viejo area? Bunion removal must be performed by an experienced foot doctor to avoid complications. Although they may develop on the fifth (little) toe, bunions usually occur at the base of the big toe. Bunions are often caused by incorrect foot mechanics. The foot may flatten too much, forcing the toe joint to move beyond normal range. In some cases, joint damage caused by arthritis or an injury produces a bunion. And some people are born with the tendency to develop bunions. If you’re at risk for developing a bunion, wearing high- heeled or poorly fitting shoes makes the problem worse.

If you are suffering from bunions and their associated pain, contact Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgery today. We offer minimally invasive bunion surgery in Mission Viejo, Ca that allows you to experience pain relief and get back to regular activities quickly.

What Are Bunions?
Minimally invasive bunion surgery in Orange County

Bunions are deformities relating to the big toe. Symptoms of bunions include red and calloused skin along the inside edge of the big toe, a bony bump along the inside edge of the big toe, pain over the joint, and the big toe turned in toward the other toes. They are usually diagnosed just by your doctor looking at them, but an x-ray but be done as well.

You are more likely to have bunions if you were born with abnormal bones in your feet, or if you wear high heels or tight fitting shoes a lot. In fact, bunions are more common in women than in men – probably because of tight fitting shoes. In a very small amount of cases, heredity can be a factor. Arthritis can also cause bunions. Depending on the severity of your condition, Dr. Matt Ahmadi might suggest minimally invasive bunion surgery in Orange County.

Is Surgery Necessary?

If your bunions do not cause you any pain, you might be able to self-manage them with some better fitting shoes. Your shoes should be wide toed and should fit comfortably while conforming to the shape of your foot as much as possible. Be sure to have your feet measured properly every couple of years, because the sizes of your feet can change with age. You can also try wearing spacers to separate your toes, or splints and custom orthotics.

Keep in mind that bunions can become more painful as time goes on. If you have bunions, you should seek medical guidance right away. A minimally invasive bunion surgery in Orange County can help you to relieve the condition before the pain becomes unbearable, especially if you experience severe pain that makes it difficult to walk, if your big toe is constantly inflamed, or if it is hard to bend or straighten your toe.

What Does Surgery Entail?

There are several different variations of surgery to relieve bunions. Dr. Matt Ahmadi might do surgery to realign the toe or to remove the bony bump. This surgery is not cosmetic, but it designed to relieve pain and make you more comfortable. The surgery is also outpatient and only takes a couple of hours with local anesthesia. Here are a few of the different types of minimally invasive bunion surgery in Orange County that we can provide:

  • The repair of tendons and ligaments around the big toe (this procedure shortens loose tissues and lengthens tight tissues)
  • The removal of the bump on the toe joint, if the bone is enlarged
  • The cutting and realignment of the joint
  • The removal of damaged joint surfaces (utilized in severe cases)
  • The removal of the damaged portion of the joint (this might be used for older patients or for those with previous bunion surgery)

What Will Happen After Surgery?
Painless Bunion Surgery Mission Viejo

You will be sent home with bandages around your foot and a cast or surgical shoe to protect it. You will need to follow the doctor’s suggestions with the dressings, wound care, and surgical shoe. You might be prescribed medication to prevent infection.

You should avoid putting a lot of weight on your foot at first and try to keep your foot elevated. Your doctor might suggest exercises strengthen your foot. Complications from minimally invasive bunion surgery in Orange County are uncommon. Keep in mind that you may not be able to wear tight shoes again, even after your surgery.

Why Should I Choose Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgery?

Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Foot Doctor in OCOur center places a focus on minimally invasive procedures because we believe that invasive, major surgeries should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. A minimally invasive procedure means that you can heal faster, experience less pain, and be back to work and other regular activities in a shorter amount of time.

Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Dr. Matt Ahmadi’s experience and education include three years spent at a trauma center where he performed advanced procedures in the field of foot and ankle surgery. His specialties encompass a wide variety of conditions and state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatments for foot and ankle conditions.  Dr. Ahmadi also performs PRP injection therapy in Orange County.

If you are experiencing pain from bunions or any other foot or ankle issue, contact our office today to see how we can help you achieve relief.

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