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    Hammer Toe Surgery Orange County

    Hammer Toe Surgery Orange County CAHammer toe surgery is what Dr. Ahmadi has been doing for a long time.  He is considered to be among the best hammer toe surgeons in Orange County California. There is no limit to the foot and ankle conditions that are treated at Orange County Foot and Ankle Group. Dr. Matt Ahmadi sees patients for everything ranging from major problems with foot mechanics to smaller issues, like thickened toenails or fissures. He also sees both adults and children for foot development issues.

    One of the reasons that patients see Dr. Matt Ahmadi is for hammer toe, a painful deformity. The staff at Orange County Foot and Ankle seeks to provide patients with an increased quality of life, which means that surgeries and other methods are utilized after minimally invasive treatment options. However, patients that are looking for the best hammer toe surgery in Orange County, CA will find it at Dr. Matt Ahmadi’s center.

    What is hammer toe?

    Hammer toe is a deformity that causes the end of the toes to be bent slightly down. This condition can affect any toe on the foot, and in some cases, every toe. The end result leaves your toes looking somewhat like a claw.

    When pressure causes your joints to become dislocated, hammer toe occurs. There are certain things that can make you more likely to suffer from hammer toe, such as genetics. Flat feet or high arches can make you predisposed to dealing with hammer toe.

    An injury to your toes, arthritis, tightened tendons or ligaments, or bunions can also lead to hammer toe. One of the most significant causes is wearing shoes that do not fit properly. Shoes that are tight or pointy, like high heels, can contribute to hammer toe because they force your toes into an unnatural position and make it hard for your toe’s muscles to stretch out. Any of these causes can contribute to painful symptoms that require treatment such as hammer toe surgery in Orange County, CA.

    What are the symptoms of hammer toe?

    The symptoms of hammer toe are descriptive of the condition’s name, because the toes resemble a hammer or claw-like shape. Aside from physical appearances, hammer toe also makes it uncomfortable to walk and can make it difficult to move the affected toes. Additionally, corns and calluses can develop on top of the affected area. The pain associated with hammer toe can be either severe or mild. More severe symptoms include difficulty walking and the complete inability to wiggle your toes.

    You should contact Dr. Matt Ahmadi if you experience any symptoms of hammer toe. A diagnosis of the condition is typically simple with only a physical inspection needed. However, your foot doctor might recommend imaging tests in order to look for underlying injuries in your toes. Once you have a diagnosis, you can begin the process of determining treatment. For some patients, hammer toe surgery in Orange County, CA is required.