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Hammer toe correction in Orange County

Any problem with your foot can be difficult to manage, especially because you use your feet daily to get around and live a full life. One of the many foot conditions that we cover at our facility is hammer toe, which can be a very painful condition to deal with. Dr. Matt Ahmadi specializes in hammer toe correction in Orange County, which can include a variety of minimally invasive methods for early cases and even surgical procedures for more serious cases.

What is hammer toe?

Hammer toe correction in Orange CountyHammer toe is characterized by a deformity that causes the end of your toe to be bent down, resembling a claw. This condition typically affects the second toe on the foot, but it can affect the rest as well. In rare cases, it can affect all of your toes, but this is usually caused by a nerve or spinal cord issue. Hammer toe is usually accompanied by a callus on the sole of the foot, and a corn on top of the affected toe.

Sometimes, hammer toe can be present at birth. However, it is usually caused by wearing short shoes that are too tight, which causes the tendons and muscles in your toes to tighten. That’s why hammer toe is most common in women and children, because women are more likely to wear tight fitting shoes, and children often wear shoes that have been outgrown. Arthritis or an injury to your foot can also contribute to hammer toe.

Hammer toe is a painful condition. At first, you might be able to move your toe a little bit. This is called flexible hammer toe. Over time, the inability to move the toe is called rigid hammer toe. A physical exam is all that is needed to determine if you are dealing with the condition. We offer hammer toe correction in Orange County to help you relieve your symptoms and fix the problem. This is especially true if you suffer from diabetes or poor circulation, because hammer toe can be even more of a problem with those conditions.

What does hammertoe correction entail?

Hammer toe correction in Orange County-2If the hammer toe is mild, your Orange County foot doctor might choose to manipulate or splint the toe. You can also relieve symptoms by wearing shoes that fit properly and avoiding high heels. Keep in mind that your shoes should always be a half inch longer than your longest toe in order to provide enough room. Your doctor might also recommend a straightener for your toes or soft insoles that can relieve pressure.

You can try gentle stretching exercises if your hammer toe is flexible. You can stretch your toes manually and gently, or try picking up a towel off the floor with your toes. Wearing cushions and corn pads can also relieve symptoms.

Surgery may be used as hammer toe correction in Orange County if the condition is severe or rigid. The procedure may involve the cutting and moving of tendons and ligaments in your toes, or the fusing of bones on either side of the affected joint. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic, which means that it doesn’t take long and you can go home soon afterward.

After surgery, you may notice that your toe is stiff sometimes, and it might even appear to be shorter. Don’t plan on walking long distances until your toe has completely healed, and keep it elevated as much as possible until you can follow up with your doctor.

Why should you choose Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgery?

Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgery is your best choice for hammer toe correction in Orange County. Our facility uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure that you receive the best possible care. We are affiliated with local hospitals and surgical centers, including Saddleback Memorial Hospital, Mission Hospital, and Crown Valley Surgical Center.

Pressure Ulcers DOCTOR IN ORANGE COUNTYDr. Matt Ahmadi is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and is a professional member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, among others.  Your feet are in good hands with Dr. Matt Ahmadi, who spent three years at a level one trauma center performing advanced procedures for foot and ankle surgery as a part of his residency. Now that he has his own practice, Dr. Ahmadi seeks to make sure that his patients understand their feet and ankles and their functions, along with any potential problems, in order to give them a chance to prevent further complications.