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Ganglion Cyst Removal

Ganglion Cyst RemovalCharacterized by a sac filled with a jelly-like liquid, a ganglion cyst forms on a tendon or joint and forms a lump or knot that sits below the skin’s surface. Doctors don’t know exactly what causes ganglion cysts, but they might form as a result of trauma to your foot. You may notice that the cyst grows or shrinks in size, disappears, and then returns at a later time.

These masses are benign, but they can cause pain and a tingling feeling. They can also make it difficult for you to wear shoes comfortably, so it is best to talk to your doctor about treatment for ganglion cysts. Dr. Matt Ahmadi of Orange County Foot and Ankle performs ganglion cyst removal procedures, among other podiatric treatments. The first step in receiving treatment is getting confirmation that you have a ganglion cyst, and that the growth is not caused by another condition.

How are ganglion cysts diagnosed?

GanglionsYour foot doctor will use a number of tests in order to properly diagnose a ganglion cyst, including a physical examination and asking a serious of questions about your medical history. During the physical exam, he might shine a light through the cyst in an attempt to find whether it is filled with fluid or a solid mass. He may also apply pressure to the area to see if there is any pain.

Medical testing might be used to rule out other conditions that can cause similar symptoms, like tumors or arthritis. Some of these tests can include imaging methods such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and x-rays. A needle aspiration method might also be utilized, which involves the use of a fine needle to remove liquid from the cyst for examination and testing.

Once your doctor determines that a ganglion cyst is present, he can begin talking with you about the process of ganglion cyst removal.

How can ganglions be treated non-surgically?

Surgery is not always necessary for ganglions. Ganglion cyst removal can often be achieved with simple, non-invasive methods. Your foot doctor might recommend icing the affected area for 15 to 30 minutes in order to temporarily relieve pain and inflammation. You might also be able to find relief by limiting certain movements of activities that typically increase your pain.

Additionally, you can place pads around the ganglion in order to cut back on friction and pressure while you are walking and wearing footwear. Dr. Matt Ahmadi might utilize fluid removal in order to treat the ganglion and minimize symptoms. However, ganglions can recur after fluid removal.

Finally, if there is no sign of improvement with other methods, or if your inflammation and pain is severe, your foot doctor might choose to treat your symptoms with certain medications.

Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Foot Doctor in OCDr. Ahmadi is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Ahmadi is a leading foot and ankle doctor, who has earned the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. He completed his post graduate training in Podiatric medicine and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery at the Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Ahmadi´s residency consisted of three intense surgical years at a level one trauma center where he performed advanced procedures in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

As a Foot and Ankle Doctor:

Dr. Ahmadi specializes in reconstructive surgical and non-surgical care for children and adults as well as a wide variety of foot and ankle diseases and disorders. He places emphasis on educating patients about the function and dynamics of the foot and ankle in order to prevent future problems.

The foot and ankle are critically important to the health of the entire body. Dr. Ahmadi strives to help his patients understand these connections and develop useful ways to maintain a healthy functioning of the foot and ankle in relation to movement and posture. Positive results may significantly affect the issues of knee, hip, spinal function, vascular circulation, lung and heart function and emotional well being.