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    A wart is an infection caused by a virus, which can invade your skin through small cuts or beaks. Over time, the wart develops into a hard, rough growth on the surface of the skin. A wart is most commonly seen on the bottom of the foot (plantar wart), but it can also appear on the top. Children, teens and people with allergies or weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to the wart virus.


    Warts may appear spongy, with tiny red, brown, or black spots. They can grow up to an inch or more across, occurring alone (solitary) or with smaller warts clustered nearby (mosaic). Warts are sometimes mistaken for corns or calluses. They can persist for years and recur in the same spot. If left untreated warts can spread to other parts of the foot or even to the hands or other areas of the body.


    There are many ways to treat warts, depending on their size and location. Medication or surgical removal, or both, may be effective treatments. A few of the possible treatment method are described below, freezing or burning may also be used to treat warts. Even after warts are removed, they may recur.


    The art is broken down by applying an acidic medication. Blister-forming medication may also be used. Treatment may need to be repeated over several weeks.


    The wart is removed with a small spoon shaped instrument (curette). To lessen pain, a local anesthetic is often used with this procedure.


    The wart is vaporized using focused light energy produced by a laser. To lessen pain a local anesthetic is often used with this procedure.


    Dr. Ahmadi offers the most advanced state of the art techniques for pain-free surgical and non-surgical treatment of any foot and ankle pathology. His goal for each patient is painless and pleasing results with early return to activity.

    Dr. Ahmadi offers services in a wide variety of foot and ankle deformities and pathology such as: