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    bunion pads

    Bunion pads are used to keep the toe away from other fingers.  It is also used for post surgery bunion removal. Consult with your podiatrist (foot doctor) to find out more about using bunion pads.  These devices are sold online and are reasonably priced.

    Bunion pain can grow if not treated in a timely manner. To get rid of your bunion pain, you must see a podiatrist (foot doctor) as soon as possible.  A podiatrist can explain the reasons for your bunion pain and how it can be treated. Depending on the severity of the bunion, your podiatrist may suggest a surgical procedure to remove the bunion and put at end to your bunion pain.

    A bunion, at its essence, is a bone mass that forms at the base of the bone that connects the big toe to the rest of the foot. An uncomfortable condition, a bunion can make it difficult to wear shoes, walk properly, or even keep the toes in their proper position.  A bunion typically occurs on the largest toe. A bunion that is located on one of the other toes, like the little toe, is called a bunionette. These are less common than traditional bunions, but can be just as painful.

    how bunions are treated

    How are bunions diagnosed?

    In order to determine if what you are suffering from is a bunion, your doctor will go over your medical history, evaluate your symptoms, and do a physical examination of your toe. Because of the nature of the bunion, such as the way that they protrude out from the rest of the toe and the way that they change the shape the toe rests in, they are often not difficult to diagnose. Sometimes, a doctor may order an X-ray to be able to see how large the bunion is, as well as the extent of the damage that the bunion has caused on the foot.

    What causes bunions?

    A bunion can be the result of many different things. Most often, a bunion occurs when the proper shoes are not worn or when the feet are subjected to an extreme amount of pressure. The bunion may occur when the toes are constantly rubbing together or against one of the sides of the shoe. Women who often wear high heel shoes are more subject to getting bunions. Individuals who are overweight or are on their feet for long periods of time may also be more prone to developing bunions.

    Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Bunion Laser Surgery

    Dr. Matt Ahmadi

    Orange County Foot and Ankle Center under the supervision of Dr. Matt Ahmadi offers one of the best foot and ankle care services in Mission Viejo, California. Our goal is to keep your feet as healthy and functional as possible by providing you with the best treatment available. Our state-of-the-art services include orthotics, treatment for sports injuries, bunion
    removal, ingrown nails, foot corns, heel pain, flat feet, hammertoes and much more.

    Contact us now at (949) 276-8900 to schedule an appointment. You can reach us 24 anytime, seven days a week.  Dr. Ahmadi performs the latest techniques and procedures available today in the foot care industry. He treats any foot
    problems in children and adults. Call Dr. Ahmadi now at (949) 276-8900 for quality orthotics and foot pain relief.