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    Hamstring Tendonitis Who Could Be At Risk?

    • Mike Sadeghi
    • Comments Off on Hamstring Tendonitis Who Could Be At Risk?
    foot-and-ankle-tendonitis-locations in Orange County

    Hamstring Tendonitis involves a hurting pain in one or both legs, in the area above the knee, the biceps, and typically on the back of the upper legs. This form of tendonitis, the swelling of the tendons that connect the body’s muscles to the bone, is frequently present in runners and professional athletes who participateRead More


    Hammertoe in Laguna Beach

    Hammertoe is a contracture (flexing) deformity of one or both joints of the 2nd, 3rd, fourth, or fifth (little) toes. This irregular bending can put pressure on the toe when wearing shoes, triggering problems to develop.

    Bedsores (pressure ulcers)

    pressure ulcers

    OverviewBedsores— also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers– are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue arising from extended pressure on the skin. Bedsores frequently establish on the skin that covers bony locations of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips, and tailbone. Individuals most at risk of bedsores have medical conditions that restrictRead More

    New thinking on peripheral neuropathy

    • Mike Sadeghi
    • Comments Off on New thinking on peripheral neuropathy
    peripheral_neuropathy Orange County

    Medical professionals have actually long understood peripheral neuropathy as a nerve condition that causes minimized feeling, tingling, weakness, or discomfort in the feet and hands. But those symptoms may be just the tip of the iceberg. Physicians are now finding out that neuropathy can trigger many more issues.

    Children’s Foot Problems

    • Dr. Ahmadi
    • Comments Off on Children’s Foot Problems
    Children feet problem Orange County

    Occasionally it’s tough to inform when there is a children’s foot trouble, however, there are some signs to look out for that may show problems. Problem Staying On Top Of Peers. If you see your kid is having a problem staying on par with their good friends while at play it might be an indicatorRead More