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Plantar Warts: An Overview

  • Dr. Ahmadi
  • Comments Off on Plantar Warts: An Overview
Plantar Warts- An Overview

Warts located on the feet, also called plantar warts, are thickened growths in the region of the sole and toes where most pressure is applied. The condition can be acquired by people of any age and gender, but it is most common within the adult population. Symptoms and Causes Plantar warts are caused by theRead More

Bunions: An Overview

bunion surgery mission viejo

A bunion, at its essence, is a bone mass that forms at the base of the bone that connects the big toe to the rest of the foot. An uncomfortable condition, a bunion can make it difficult to wear shoes, walk properly, or even keep the toes in their proper position. A bunion typically occursRead More

Hammer Toe: An Overview

  • Dr. Ahmadi
  • Comments Off on Hammer Toe: An Overview
Hammer Toe- An Overview

Hammer toe is a condition that causes the toe to become bent at an angle at the middle joint of the toe. It is an uncomfortable condition that makes the top of the middle joint on the toe rub against shoes or socks. Individuals who suffer from hammer toe may become unbalanced and have troubleRead More

The Benefits of Outpatient Foot Surgeries

  • Dr. Ahmadi
  • Comments Off on The Benefits of Outpatient Foot Surgeries
The Benefits of Outpatient Foot Surgeries

Foot surgery can be considerably challenging for patients when compared to other surgeries. This is because there is always some level of recovery time involved that somehow affects work, exercise, and other responsibilities. Fortunately, some foot surgeries can be done in an outpatient setting. This allows patients to experience a reduced surgery time, leave theRead More

Foot Care Quick Tips

Foot Care Quick Tips

Your feet are more than just the very bottom of your body ā€“ they are your method of standing and of getting from one place to the next, and can help point to issues in your body that need medical attention. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to infections, injuries, and other issues. Taking care ofRead More