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Arthritis Foot Surgery


Arthritis foot surgery must be performed by an experienced Podiatrist to avoid post surgery complications. Degenerative arthritis is a condition that slowly wears away joints. In the beginning, you may notice that the affected joint seems stiff. It may even ache. As the joint lining (cartilage) breaks down, the bones rub against each other, causing pain and swelling. Over time, bone spurs develop, and the joint’s range of motion becomes limited. But movement doesn’t have to cause pain. The effects of arthritis can be reduced. Talk with your doctor about developing a treatment plan to meet your needs.


Arthritis Foot Surgery

Arthritis Foot Surgery

If your symptoms are mild, medications may be enough to reduce pain and swelling. For more severe cases, Arthritis Foot Surgery may be needed to improve the condition of the joint.


Your doctor may prescribe medication –pills or injections- to limit pain and swelling. Ice, aspirin, or ibuprofen may help relieve mild symptoms that occur after activity.


To easy movement and reduce pain, your doctor may trim damaged bone. If arthritis is severe, the joint may be fused or removed.

Trimming Bone

If the bone is not damaged too badly, your doctor may simply shave away bone spurs. Any excess bone growth related to a bunion may also be trimmed.

Fusing Joints

If damage is more severe, your doctor may fuse the joint to prevent the bones from rubbing. Afterward, staples or screws may hold the bones in place so they heal properly. In some cases, the joint may be fused or replaced with an implant.

Arthritis Doctor in Mission Viejo, Ca.

Dr. Ahmadi is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Dr. Ahmadi earned the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. He completed his post graduate training in Podiatric medicine and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery at the Washington Hospital Center. Dr. Ahmadi´s residency consisted of three intense surgical years at a level one trauma center where he performed advanced procedures in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Matt Ahmadi, Bunion Laser Surgery

Dr. Matt Ahmadi

As one of the best foot Arthritis surgeons in Orange County, Dr. Matt Ahmadi provides the highest level of care for his patients. At our center, our goal is to keep your feet as healthy and functional as possible by providing you with the best treatment available. Our state-of-the-art services include bunion removal, orthotics, treatment for sports injuries, ingrown nails, foot corns, heel pain, flat feet, hammertoes and much more.  Dr. Ahmadi performs the latest techniques and procedures available today in the foot care industry. He treats any foot problems in children and adults. Call Dr. Ahmadi now at (949) 276-8900 for quality orthotics and foot pain relief. You can reach us anytime, seven days a week.


If you are suffering from any type of Foot Arthritis Pain, visit Dr. Ahmadi to see if you qualify for minimally invasive Arthritis Foot Surgery.